Top Stories of the Day // January 4, 2013


Today's Top Stories // Jan 4, 2013

Teen Brags On Facebook About Drunk Driving, Gets Arrested

Police made an example out of a teenager from Oregon who boasted about driving drunk on Facebook. "Drivin drunk... classic ;) but whoever's vehicle i hit i am... read more

The iPhone 5 Gets A Bumper It Can Be Proud Of Via New Kickstarter Campaign

The iPhone 5 delivered a lot of new things vs. its predecessors, but it also marked Apple exit from the bumper game; unlike with the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple... read more

Down And Out: Spotify Halts Its Music Download Service In Europe, But How Many Were Using It Anyway? [Updated]

Spotify has made a mark in the music business with its hugely popular music streaming service, now with 20 million subscribers, 5 million of which pay monthly... read more

Forrester Report Says Apple Will Sell $39 Billion In Macs and iPads To Businesses Over Next 2 Years

Forrester Research is reporting that Apple will sell $39 billion in Macs and iPads through 2014.... read more

Strategy Analytics: Samsung To Extend Lead Over Apple's iPhone In 2013, And Take 33% Of Global Smartphone Market

Samsung will increase its lead over Apple in the smartphone space this year, according to analyst Strategy Analytics. Speaking to Reuters, the analyst said it... read more

Early Studies Show Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Perform Well For Devs, Indicating Big Revenue Potential

read more

Cisco And NXP Throw Their Weight Behind Cohda Wireless To Bring The Internet Of Things To Your Car

Looking backwards, the automobile of today looks almost superintelligent. While some of us may have expected (read: hoped for) the flying car by 2013 and, sure,... read more

Tinder: Finding Traction On Campuses, IAC's New Dating App Makes It Easy To Break The Ice

Regardless of what you think about digital dating sites, they encourage us to close our computers and get out there and meet new people. In short, they bring... read more

Now 2.5M Users Strong, Crowdsourced Learning Platform StudyBlue Grabs $9M To Help Students Study On The Go

Founded in 2009, Wisconsin-based startup StudyBlue set out with a simple and straightforward mission: Leverage technology to help students improve their... read more

Google Quietly Removes Censorship Warning Feature For Search Users In China (Updated)

Google has quietly disabled a feature that notified users of its search service in China when a keyword had been censored by the Chinese government's internet... read more


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News From The Social Robot

News From The Social Robot

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How to Write for the Web

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 07:00 AM PST

1280072 73127582 300x180 How to Write for the WebDoing web writing or blog posts in a reader friendly manner is a skill that can be learned by most people so long as they are willing to step back and look at what the reader expects. Writing for others to read is not the same as writing a diary or journal for yourself. It must be presumed that the reader that come specifically to that web page or found it in a search engine had an expectation of what would be there.

There are several factors to bear in mind with this consideration.

As an example – if a reader is looking up fashions and has to decide which to click when presented with the following as choices

  1. Fashion trends for professional women
  2. Teen Fashion on a budget

They would expect very different results and styles of writing even if both were geared to female clothing styles. This goes beyond the expected content of the writing itself. Clearly, the merits of cut-off jeans in one or silk blouses in the other are not interchangeable. Beyond that is the tone and style a reader may expect.  In the first the use of the word "cool" would likely be only in reference to the light airy nature of the clothing and in the second it could well mean nice, catchy, or trendy.

Style and Structure
A person browsing for factual knowledge of a specific event has a very different expectation than somebody looking for the opinion of others in general.

  1. Person A is looking for car safety statistics
  2. Person B is looking for opinions on style of 2 door as opposed to 4 door cars

The first person wants to hear quotes and citations of crash tests results and insurance premium information and would be better served by a bullet style list of facts. The second person would likely prefer narrative of what looks best, most popular, and who is driving which vehicle to see if it is the image they want to portray. Both pieces could be done either way , but typically one will hold the attention of one person's purpose longer than the other.

It does not matter what a person is expecting or looking to get from their time reading your work – if the content is not interesting, new, or different than what they have already read in other places they are not going to read long enough for it to matter. It has to say something to have any value to the reader.

The tone and structure are always going to be important but in the end it will be interest of content that makes them take more than a casual look before moving on so choose a topic with idea of presenting something new, or if not new, presenting it in a new or different way then you may have seen in other places. 

If the reader cannot follow along and read through quickly or skim to the areas of interest they will not keep reading regardless of how interesting or new. For online reading:

  • shorter paragraphs
  • images
  • bold fonts
  • vocabulary choice

These will keep a reader that was pleased with tone, style, and content reading until the end.

Author: James Raglan is a blogger and copywriter who writes on many subjects but particularly social media and online marketing.


Top Stories of the Day // January 3, 2013


Today's Top Stories // Jan 3, 2013

T-Mobile Introduces The BlackBerry Curve 9315, The Most Ridiculous Deal In Mobile Phones

T-Mobile has just announced the BlackBerry Curve 9315, which will be available January 23 for the price of $49 on a 2-year agreement. They're touting it as the... read more

A Little Sleuthing Leads Nexus 4 Enthusiasts To Estimate About 400K In Sales Of The Device

read more

Canonical's Ubuntu Phone OS Aims To Steal Everyone's Customization-Loving Customers

The odds are stacked against Canonical's late-comer Ubuntu phone OS. But by seducing hardcore mobile users who love to customize, it could could box out... read more

Microsoft Wins Out Over Apple And Google, Acquires Home Entertainment And Automation Company R2 Studios

Late last year, it was reported that Microsoft, Apple and Google were all speaking to id8 Group R2 Studios Inc. about a potential acquisition of the startup,... read more

Andrew Sullivan's Ad-Free Publishing Experiment Sees Six-Figure Revenue In First Six Hours

When political blogger Andrew Sullivan announced this morning that he's leaving The Daily Beast and launching an independent company called Dish Publishing, the... read more

Leap Motion Raises $30M More For Its Gesture-Based Controller, Announces Bundling Deal With Asus

Leap Motion is announcing today that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. Co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald told me that the company is still... read more

GitHub Replaces Copy And Paste With ZeroClipboard

No more copy and paste -- GitHub has launched a new feature today called ZeroClipboard, a library for copying text to the clipboard that uses an invisible Adobe... read more

Still Anxiously Refreshing Google Play For A Nexus 4? T-Mobile Stores Will Carry It In January

According to TmoNews, the Google Nexus 4 should become available in all T-Mobile stores starting in January. It could indicate that Google is slowly resolving... read more

CES 2013: This Will Be The Year Of The Gadget Startup

"Microsoft Bows Out Of CES 2013" read the headline. It was December 21, 2011, several short weeks before CES 2012 and Microsoft just dropped a bomb: Microsoft... read more

Pinterest Acquires And Will Shut Down Recipe Discovery Site Punchfork

Pinterest has just made its first acquisition -- the two year and a half year old recipe discovery and sharing site Punchfork. Rather than operate it... read more


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Top Stories of the Day // January 2, 2013


Today's Top Stories // Jan 2, 2013

The Income Rich Take One For The Team. Thanks!

read more

A Secret Is No Longer A Secret Once You Tell The Internet

Sure the headline of this post is just common sense, but I feel like we all need a reminder this holiday season, especially as all the salacious photo evidence... read more

References To iPhone 6, iOS 7 Reportedly Seen in Developer Log

The iPhone 5 just finished its global rollout, but it looks like leaks about the iPhone 6 are already starting to surface. An iOS developer saw a device named... read more

Car Rental Company Avis To Buy Zipcar For $500 Million

Car rental company Avis has announced its intent to scoop up carsharing company Zipcar for $500 million, with the acquisition expected to close in the Spring of... read more

Is Apple Plotting A Route To A Waze Acquisition? Rumours On The Road Point To Yes

There can be no doubt that one of the hottest startups of the last couple of years has been social sat-nav smartphone app Waze. Not surprising in an era when -... read more

Oh, The Places Tumblr Can Go

read more

Not So Fast: Avis' Proposed $500M Zipcar Buy Being Investigated For Short-Changing Shareholders

read more

Samsung CEO Lee Kun Hee Warns Employees About Increased Competition

Samsung Electronics may currently be the world's leader in sales of mobile phones and TVs, but chairman Lee Kun Hee has told employees that the Korean company... read more

The Best Health And Fitness Apps For Your New Year's Needs

The holidays wreak havoc on our bodies, with their mandatory over-indulgence in food as well as family and reminiscences. As we reflect on the year past -- its... read more

New Magnetic Keyboard/Gamepad Case Combo Gives Your iPhone 5 Super Thin Snap-On Input Devices

Phone5Mod today unveiled a new case accessory that gives the iPhone 5 a physical keyboard and video game controller all in a super-slim magnetic package.... read more


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