Top Stories of the Day // January 3, 2013


Today's Top Stories // Jan 3, 2013

T-Mobile Introduces The BlackBerry Curve 9315, The Most Ridiculous Deal In Mobile Phones

T-Mobile has just announced the BlackBerry Curve 9315, which will be available January 23 for the price of $49 on a 2-year agreement. They're touting it as the... read more

A Little Sleuthing Leads Nexus 4 Enthusiasts To Estimate About 400K In Sales Of The Device

read more

Canonical's Ubuntu Phone OS Aims To Steal Everyone's Customization-Loving Customers

The odds are stacked against Canonical's late-comer Ubuntu phone OS. But by seducing hardcore mobile users who love to customize, it could could box out... read more

Microsoft Wins Out Over Apple And Google, Acquires Home Entertainment And Automation Company R2 Studios

Late last year, it was reported that Microsoft, Apple and Google were all speaking to id8 Group R2 Studios Inc. about a potential acquisition of the startup,... read more

Andrew Sullivan's Ad-Free Publishing Experiment Sees Six-Figure Revenue In First Six Hours

When political blogger Andrew Sullivan announced this morning that he's leaving The Daily Beast and launching an independent company called Dish Publishing, the... read more

Leap Motion Raises $30M More For Its Gesture-Based Controller, Announces Bundling Deal With Asus

Leap Motion is announcing today that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. Co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald told me that the company is still... read more

GitHub Replaces Copy And Paste With ZeroClipboard

No more copy and paste -- GitHub has launched a new feature today called ZeroClipboard, a library for copying text to the clipboard that uses an invisible Adobe... read more

Still Anxiously Refreshing Google Play For A Nexus 4? T-Mobile Stores Will Carry It In January

According to TmoNews, the Google Nexus 4 should become available in all T-Mobile stores starting in January. It could indicate that Google is slowly resolving... read more

CES 2013: This Will Be The Year Of The Gadget Startup

"Microsoft Bows Out Of CES 2013" read the headline. It was December 21, 2011, several short weeks before CES 2012 and Microsoft just dropped a bomb: Microsoft... read more

Pinterest Acquires And Will Shut Down Recipe Discovery Site Punchfork

Pinterest has just made its first acquisition -- the two year and a half year old recipe discovery and sharing site Punchfork. Rather than operate it... read more


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