Top Stories of the Day // January 4, 2013


Today's Top Stories // Jan 4, 2013

Teen Brags On Facebook About Drunk Driving, Gets Arrested

Police made an example out of a teenager from Oregon who boasted about driving drunk on Facebook. "Drivin drunk... classic ;) but whoever's vehicle i hit i am... read more

The iPhone 5 Gets A Bumper It Can Be Proud Of Via New Kickstarter Campaign

The iPhone 5 delivered a lot of new things vs. its predecessors, but it also marked Apple exit from the bumper game; unlike with the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple... read more

Down And Out: Spotify Halts Its Music Download Service In Europe, But How Many Were Using It Anyway? [Updated]

Spotify has made a mark in the music business with its hugely popular music streaming service, now with 20 million subscribers, 5 million of which pay monthly... read more

Forrester Report Says Apple Will Sell $39 Billion In Macs and iPads To Businesses Over Next 2 Years

Forrester Research is reporting that Apple will sell $39 billion in Macs and iPads through 2014.... read more

Strategy Analytics: Samsung To Extend Lead Over Apple's iPhone In 2013, And Take 33% Of Global Smartphone Market

Samsung will increase its lead over Apple in the smartphone space this year, according to analyst Strategy Analytics. Speaking to Reuters, the analyst said it... read more

Early Studies Show Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Perform Well For Devs, Indicating Big Revenue Potential

read more

Cisco And NXP Throw Their Weight Behind Cohda Wireless To Bring The Internet Of Things To Your Car

Looking backwards, the automobile of today looks almost superintelligent. While some of us may have expected (read: hoped for) the flying car by 2013 and, sure,... read more

Tinder: Finding Traction On Campuses, IAC's New Dating App Makes It Easy To Break The Ice

Regardless of what you think about digital dating sites, they encourage us to close our computers and get out there and meet new people. In short, they bring... read more

Now 2.5M Users Strong, Crowdsourced Learning Platform StudyBlue Grabs $9M To Help Students Study On The Go

Founded in 2009, Wisconsin-based startup StudyBlue set out with a simple and straightforward mission: Leverage technology to help students improve their... read more

Google Quietly Removes Censorship Warning Feature For Search Users In China (Updated)

Google has quietly disabled a feature that notified users of its search service in China when a keyword had been censored by the Chinese government's internet... read more


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